Christmas in July: A Strategic Mindset Shift

Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Best Buy, Apple, and Microsoft are some of the most iconic brands in America, and the world, and they are kicking off their Holiday Season preparations now. The products are developed, and the supply chain is being optimized, and more importantly their marketing plans are being drawn up and the foundations for holiday success are being laid. As an entrepreneur, business professional, or a marketing executive, it is imperative that you adopt a strategic mindset shift. It is as follows:

• Marketing is NOT optional
• You can’t cut corners with your Marketing
• You have to be committed to Marketing your products and Services
• Christmas starts in July.

Research shows that it takes six touches for someone to be aware that your brand exists long enough for it to register and make its way into your target prospect’s short-term memory. The most successful marketers in both Business to Business and Business to consumer report that they are using a minimum of 14 tactics and have documented their plans and follow them as and tweak them as they go along.

Any marketing tactic takes a minimum of 30 days to start to gain momentum. However, this can change with the changing fortunes of various social media platforms, political climate, and just general feeling in the market place. Did you know that downloads of Snap Chat are slowing down? Did you know that Facebook is the largest social network on the planet with over two billion memberships? My point of sharing these statistics that it is important for you to understand that marketing, whether it is social media marketing, search engine optimization, video marketing, email marketing or some other tactic; you will need multiple marketing tactics to grow your business. You will need to be dedicated to using marketing consistently and strategically to move your ideal prospects into the top of your funnel and convert to sales.

If you are a new or a seasoned entrepreneur, my advice to you right now as we are moving into the third quarter of 2017 is to create quality content and share that content on the marketing channel that makes the most sense for you. The following Table has break down of the pro’s and con’s of 14+ marketing tactics that you can use right now if you commit yourself to allocating your resources (time or money) to roll out content on these channels.

Marketing Tactic


Black Junction

Not sure how many users are on this network, but this network does not have
Censorship like Facebook. In addition, you can post in the marketplace, your timeline for free. You also can create Business Pages and Groups just like on Facebook.

The drawback of this network is that it is small, it is not as mature as Facebook, and the rules about the Public Timeline can be confusing.

If you can’t afford a website, this is a great service that includes video marketing, blog marketing, and a landing page for your company. Great source of backlinks and referral traffic to your website if you have a website
For the price you can’t beat this.

Small Site, and the traffic is just starting hosted Podcast

This is a great way to create backlinks to your site via the show description. I like BlogTalk as a marketing tactic because it allows people to get to know, like, and trust you using the power of sound. People ultimately purchase from people they like, know, and trust.

This is time intensive. Doing this right requires research and preparation
so that you can have the best show.

Email Marketing

Owning your own traffic is the ultimate goal of entrepreneurs who are looking
to insure their company’s revenue. Owning your own traffic is an amazing way to stabilize your company’s pipeline and revenue.

Time Consuming when done correctly.


2 Billion Users are on this platform. Whether you are doing paid ads, Group marketing, or business page marketing Facebook has many tools and knowledge bases available to help you build engagement within your own Facebook friend community. I currently use Facebook for the SEO Mastermind Group and it is a great way to
facilitate engagement with your brand. I also use Facebook to network.

Takes a lot of time to implement correctly.
If you are going to use Facebook for business, it is important to be very intentional with your personal sharing on your time line. You want to make sure that you are committed to your personal timeline’s brand and that it is in sync and/or harmony with your business social media pages.


You can target your ideal prospect when they are in a conversational mood.
Forums are also a great source of backlinks for your main website.

Every industry has different forums. Finding the right one for your niche might be a challenge.
In addition, engagement levels vary.

Google PPC

You can target your ideal prospect when they have the highest likelihood to purchase.

It can get really costly if your campaign is not optimized correctly.


300+ Million Users with the highest level of engagement as compared to other social networks.

You are limited to 2,200 characters in one post.


Over 400 Million Users. This is a great platform for B2B sales.

This platform is not very good for B2C marketing. Mostly business owners and professionals

Medium Blog

Great for Backlinks and social signals
High median income

It is time consuming to do correctly and effectively.


Social Network with personal timeline and ability to create pages. This is a great platform for entrepreneurs of color.

Only available to iPhone users.

Online Press Releases

Great advanced link building technique, great source of referral traffic to your website

It is time consuming to do correctly and effectively.


Great for Backlinks and social signals. High median income for the members on this platform. Great for B2B and B2C.

Using this platform can be time consuming when done correctly.
Be very creative when creating your images that your links are pinned on Pinterest boards by.

Search Engine Optimization You can target your ideal prospect when they have the highest likelihood to purchase. Time Consuming when done correctly.
Snap Chat

This video driven platform boasts 150 Million Users.
Snap Chat is a great virtual location of millennials and a great way to build engagement.

Takes a lot of memory off of your smart phone and
can be a resource hog.


300+ Million Users is nothing to sneeze at. Using the power of the hashtag you can reach your ideal prospect who has the exact problem that you fix with your product or service. It’s a great social selling and networking tool. Tweets are indexed by Google. It is a great place to use keywords.

You are limited to 140 characters per tweet.


Over 1 Billion Users visit daily to watch countless hours of video. Video is the most effective tactic online to build brand awareness
and facilitate engagement. I highly recommend it. It really works!

It is time consuming to do correctly and effectively.

In conclusion, now is the time to really commit yourself to your marketing plan, and focus on execution. The more traffic you own or have access to, the more and more you can recession proof your business and set the foundation for holiday season success.

Zhe L. Scott, is an international digital marketing professor for Simplilearn and is the Founder and President of TSQ Marketing. She has a free Ebook available for download: 101 Ways to Improve Your Marketing and Sales.

You can download it by visiting You can also follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @ZheTheSeoQueen and on She has a Live Q&A on most Tuesday mornings at 11am PST/ 2pm PST. On July 18th, 2017 at 11am PST, 2pm EST there will be a Virtual Marketing Summit. It’s free! Sign up by clicking this link here. Follow her social media presence for updates.

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