Apple’s iOS 14 has Amazing Features: Marques Brownlee Reviews

iOS 14 is here! Apple revealed it at WWDC and beta testing tech savage Marques Brownlee had a lot to say about it. There are many changes (both big and small). You’ll have to wait till September to test them out yourself but until then, here’s what’s new and exciting…

The memes where strong about Apple taking old features from Android. Some people asked “why bother?” and “why now?” Marques says that these widget upgrades could have been added 8 years ago, but “they (Apple) wanted to get a couple of extra things right to put on top of it.”

“It might not be better than the Android version but there’s some stuff that they do their own way. “
– Marques Brownlee

The New Home Screen

This by far is the biggest change in the new operating system. Many of us have already heard about the new homescreen. The features are dope and worth getting a better look at. Let’s start with the new app library which is a space all the way at the end of the home screen. So they’ve added a list of all your apps but already organised? Sweet. This is the first time that iOS has an app drawer. You can use the search from any part of the homescreen if you choose to but it’s no longer a must.

Widgets are still not at Android level where they can be place anywhere that they want. It has to be either on the left or the right and not on it’s own, still restricted but you can long press, hit the plus button and add any widgets you want with the ability to customize the size. The most exciting part to most reviewers is the allowance of 3rd party widgets. Could there possibly be a widget for the Google Calendar and not just the Apple calendar? Brace yourself.

Oh we’re not done yet because on top of that, Apple has added a couple of interesting nuances like Smart Stack. It allows you to create a carousel of several widgets that you could scroll through or have them display and change automatically. People will find the ability to remove or switch widgets with this feature gratifying. The method of adding and creating is not just efficient, it’s cool.

Hiding homescreens for putting away your less used apps that you may not want on display. You can hide and entire page of apps until you’re ready to use them again. You can actually customize your home screen so that there are no apps visible, only your customized widgets. Boom.

Compact UI

In previous versions of iOS, there were plenty of actions that took up the entire screen. This is now gone, which means that when you get a phone/Facetime call, it won’t just take up the whole screen anymore, but will just give you a dropdown notification. From here you can ignore, accept or decline right away. And while actually on a call or Facetime, you can now swipe up, go home and do other things and iOS 14 won’t pause your video.

When any video (not just calls) is full screen, you can swipe up and the video continues to play in a sizable, movable picture in picture window. The video can be hidden on the side as a tab while the audio still keeps playing. This allows you to do other things like Google info or send a text… it’s true multi-tasking. Siri no longer takes over your full screen. She now presents as a small animation at the bottom of the screen and when you ask Siri a question, the answer shows as a notification at the very top. The downside? It doesn’t allow that full multi-tasking experience because you can’t interact with anything that you have going on underneath your Siri request. The access that you have to other functions on your screen is only visual.

Jacked from Android

Apple has added more than a few useful features that have long been part of the Android interface. Emoji search is now on the list of iOS 14 capabilities. Search for any emoji you want at any time. Stock translate app allows you to translate into about a dozen languages at any time. Default email and browser apps can be set by the user. This should please Apple users who love Chrome as a browser and hate the default mail app for email. App clips let you use some of the features of an app without actually having the app open.

Unique & Fly iOS 14 Features

Apple left some goodies for us to find in the beta version of iOS 14. One feature that stands out is the new accessibility settings feature which allows you to map double tapping and triple tapping the back of the phone as a short cut. Example: triple tap the back of the phone to activate a shortcut like opening your camera.

Sound Recognition turns on notifications if it recognizes a sound that might be important. This is particularly helpful to the hearing impaired who need to be alerted to fire alarms and doorbells. The updated Memoji now let’s you wear a mask. Green and orange lights appear at the top of the screen when an app is using your camera or microphone.

These are just a few of the new features you’ll be able to dive into later this month. See below for a list of previous devices that are iOS compatible see below. What new features are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below.



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