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Black in the Trenches: The Significance of the Black Vote in Canada’s Upcoming Elections

I say to the Black community that we do not have the luxury of allowing others to shape policy and political structures on our behalf without diligently working to improve our community’s lot and forcefully declaring our intentions at every point of access to the process. The current state of affairs is biased against us in many cases, flat out racist in others, and beyond our scope to directly influence and shape in all cases where we do not directly participate. 

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Emancipation Day: Are We As Black People Really Free?

What does “emancipation” really mean for Black Canadians historically, at present, and in the future?

Many Canadians have operated for years under the mistaken impression that there was no African slavery in this country. The mythology built up around the Underground Railroad一the coordinated efforts to help fugitive American slaves to escape north of the border into present-day Canada—failed to examine the real impact of the 1793 Act to Limit Slavery passed by the legislature of Upper Canada.


Early Lessons On Microaggression

What I know for sure is that microaggression is not a small thing. It affected my childhood. I was misled by its subtlety and did not know for years how deeply I was hurt by its impact. We should teach people at an early age that microaggression is a racial attack with major implications and though it appears harmless, there are too many negative outcomes derived from its insidiousness.


Free-ish: Juneteenth VS July 4th Independence

How do you celebrate your nation’s anniversary of independence when your ancestors did not have their freedom? How do you celebrate a historical moment rooted in a vibrant spirit of freedom and independence while knowing your ancestors were still enslaved and would continue to be for 89 years?

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A Canadian Abomination: Our Truth Is Buried In The Grounds Of Residential Schools

Our national celebrations culminate each year on Canada Day, when we typically gather in large numbers to mark the birth of the nation and revel in all things Canada. Without a doubt, it’s hard to maintain a country for 154 years. It should be commemorated. But this year, out of respect for the pain and grief Indigenous communities are experiencing right now, we should mark the occasion with subdued energy. With over a thousand dead Indigenous children speaking to us this June with sorrowful voices, it behooves us to acknowledge that the foundations of our prosperity are planted in the blood-soaked soil of Turtle Island.


The Truth Within: Coming Out To Yourself Before Anyone Else

Yes, I dated other women before that moment, but internalized homophobia blanketed my being even as I advocated for others within the LGBTQIA+ community. I was able to love and accept them. However, accepting myself—that wasn’t a default response. Coming out to others while still harboring self-denigration will not bring you any closer to peace. In addition, this goes beyond a political agenda or attack on any religion. David Matheson, a former practitioner of “ex-gay therapy”, came out as gay in 2019— hold the self-hate and gay conversion therapy. He is still a Mormon from what the media is aware of. No matter what you believe or don’t believe: accept yourself


Permission Not Necessary: Black Women Channeling Rage for Societal Change

As black women, in most instances, we don’t feel we can lose our cool openly about the societal woes and inequities that seem to attack both our race and femininity at the same time. We don’t get to be female Howard Beale(s). We take heed to the cautionary tale of Sofia, who became riled up and then lost everything. Our anger often has a high, unfair cost attached to it.


Black Wall Street Still Hidden

It has been 100 years since one of the deadliest race-motivated murders in U.S history. Labeled the ‘Tulsa Race Massacre’, 300 Black men, women and children were killed in 1921 between May 31st and June 1st. A white mob burned down the Tulsa, Oklahoma neighbourhood of Greenwood—a.k.a. ‘Black Wall Street,’—after allegations arose that a Black man had allegedly raped a young white woman. The unfounded assault claims were later dropped but not before gun raids, aerial attacks and bombings led by white residents decimated Greenwood.


My Opinion On The Olympics Banning ‘Black Lives Matter’

The IOC has once again stifled the voices of Black athletes for this year’s Olympics by banning BLM apparel and demonstrations at the Games.


Greenwood’s Black Wall Street: 100 Year Anniversary of Tulsa’s Darkest Days Still Not Recognized

One of the most catastrophic incidents of racial violence in the U.S, obliterated Black Wall Street. On May 31st, 1921, an angry white mob burned, destroyed, and killed for 18 hours in the Greenwood neighborhood of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Today, Greenwood still strives to arise from its historical ashes of pain, anger and hate.               […]


The “Strong Black Woman” Stereotype: What is it costing us?

When the difference between reality and our expectations catches up with us, it reveals the damage our attempts to be superhuman have caused. It uncovers how prioritizing strength is corrosive to our mental health, physical health, and emotional well-being. It exacts an incalculable cost. The world, including you dear reader, needs to be conscious that these stereotypes are oppressive to Black women. We need to have the freedom to tell our own narratives and the infinite space to do so. We need the room to discover, accept, and love what we are in our entirety and not feel beholden to how the world defines us. The “Black Woman” stereotypes deny us the privilege of being hurt, scared, sad, and justifiably angry. As we move forward in the struggle to be heard and understood on this subject, our vulnerability will serve us best, not our strength. 


How The Black Church Saved America

What the enemy has intended to divide and destroy America, God has used to empower and save Her. Our plight as Africans in North America is the historical pursuit of our freedom and retribution by holding on to God’s promises. God uses those who are powerless to exhibit his might. The Black Church is a living testament to this. The Black Christian continues to show America that it is important to keep fighting even when your back is against the wall.


Brand Activism Post George Floyd: A Cash Grab or Call For Racial Justice

Next month marks the one year anniversary of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police. The political and social landscape has changed and corporations are cashing in on the public outrage. Is it working with consumers or company’s brand activism missing the mark completely?


What’s at Stake for Young Black Voters in the 2020 U.S. Election?

Black youth want progression, not just reform in order to protect their future. At an October town hall, college student Cedric Humphrey asked Biden, “Many people believe the true swing voters in this election will be Black voters under 30 – not because they’re voting for Trump, but because they won’t vote at all. Besides […]


Nike’s Black Lives Matter Contradiction Is Most Clear With U.S. Olympian Gwen Berry

These days, Black athletes protesting against racial injustice are widely accepted across sports leagues. Unfortunately however, many of the sponsors and corporations who appear to support players’ protests publicly, are still silencing Black athletes behind the scenes, and weaponizing their power against them. There’s no better example of this corporate double standard than with Nike. […]


Jaden Smith starts Snapchat’s ‘The Solution Committee’ Series To Help Young Activists

“Historically people between the ages of 18 to 23 have been less likely to vote. This is because a lot of young people feel like they don’t have the information or know where to get it. This show is about educating the youth and making sure they feel empowered and ready to vote,” Jaden Smith […]


Juneteenth Black Art Google Doodle to celebrate the 155th Anniversary

Google has designed a video Doodle to celebrate the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth’s emancipation holiday. The video uses the first verse of the song “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” also know as “The Black National Anthem.” Google’s commemoration honors the end of slavery in the US. The video depicts the works of African American artist Loveis Wise, music […]


Prime Minister Trudeau sets $221M for Black Entrepreneurship Program

Introducing Canada’s first-ever Black Entrepreneurship Program. Prime Minister Trudeau has made history, along with the directions of Black business organizations and Black business owners and organizations. Canadian Black business owners are getting a cool $221 million business loan program. The goal is to foster growth over the next 4 years. who have been disproportionately affected by […]


Queen Bey Donates $1 Million to Aid Black-Owned Businesses

If Black is King then Black business is Queen. Beyoncé has once again put her money where her heart is. The superstar intends to give an additional $1 million in assistance, for Black-owned businesses suffering due to the global pandemic. The Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund has already received a donation from the Queen R&B sensation. This organization is […]

Black millenials at church

How to Deal with Sexism in Your Church

Not long ago, I served on an advisory board for a Christian organization. After a morning of listening to departmental reviews from operational staff, I shared my opinion on the notable differences in the last two presentations with a fellow male board member. Sally, I’ll call her, gave a warm interpersonal overview of her journey […]

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WHERE ARE THE AUNTIES? Praying for White Supremacists

I decided to get in a quick power walk at our local park before church on this past Sunday—the day after the white supremacist violence erupted in Charlottesville. After my walk, I stopped briefly at a local store to pick up some toiletries. As I walked down the shower gel aisle, I passed a young […]


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