10 Steps to Bake on Spring Break

10 Steps to Bake on Spring Break

Pssssst…..It’s March Break!

What do you have planned for your minis? If they are not off to a March Break camp; don’t panic! I’ve got you covered.Baking together is a sure way to keep your little spring breakers busy and entertained.

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If you’ve never baked with your little one, have no fear. This list of pointers will get you off to an amazing start.

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Baking Tips & Ideas:

1. Create Excitement: Show your little ones a picture of the yumminess you are going to bake together. They will burst with anticipation.

2. Make Learning Fun: Go over the recipe together. If your little ones are just learning how to read, this is a great opportunity to practice sight words such as after, then, put, and, or, one, in etc… You can also count the number of steps there are in the recipe. If your little ones are older, you can introduce them to or quiz them on fractions.

3. Review Rules: Get their involvement by asking them what they think some baking rules should be (i.e. wash hands, tie hair back, keep hands to side when mixer is on, keeps hands below shoulders at all imes). You can also add some of your own. You can explain some common rules for working as a group like, ‘sharing is caring’ or ‘team work makes the dream work’. The latter is what my daughter says while we bake.

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4. Prepare Ingredients: Get their help to measure the ingredients in small bowls. Older kids can crack the eggs, pour the ingredients in the measure cup and/or tell you what’s next. If they are younger, you can ask them to tell you the name of the ingredients you’ve pulled out to measure. Explain the “what” and the “how” before you ask them to do something.

5. Follow the Recipe: I feel like a hypocrite telling you this as I am the worst at following recipes to a “T”. I often always take every opportunity to experiment with recipes. You can do this too if you would like, but if you are new to baking, I highly suggest you stick to the recipe.

6. Get Right in There: Get your tots used to the feeling of the ingredients on their hands and dough/batter in between their fingers. This is a great way for them to experience different textures. It may take a few times to get your little ones used to getting their hands dirty. If they do not like dirty fingers, keep a dish towel within their reach.

super cute black boy baking
7. Have Fun and Be Silly!: Put some flour on your nose, make funny faces and have a good laugh.

8. Keep Calm: You might get a broken egg or two on the floor or flour spilled on the counter. Stay calm. This is a great opportunity to teach your little ones how to clean up as they go. Accept the mess. Better yet, in the words of one of my daughter’s favorite Disney song; “Let it Go! Let it Go!”

9. Clean Up Together: Involving your little ones in the cleanup will teach them responsibility and the importance of keeping a clean work space.

10. Taste and Reminisce: When the goodies are out of the oven and clean up is complete, sit down with your little ones and talk about their fun baking experience in between devouring the yumminess.

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Are you baking with your kiddos? Let us know what other activities you enjoy with your children.



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